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Byron Keith Taylor: Bio

Byron Keith Taylor

Byron Taylor is a self-produced artist whose talents enable him to play more than a dozen different musical instruments. He began singing at the age of three and is noted for possessing perfect pitch. His songwriting endeavors began at 12 and during his teenage years, he perfected his craft and even sang lead for his own Pop group before venturing into solo territory. "It was at this time I when I began to see my individuality as an artist grow by working with Russian maestro Misha Shufutinsky, a legendary artist/producer in his country, and playing with jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino, a well-known artist based in Japan and his son, Kenji Hino who played in my band as a bass player and is a well-known artist as well. For a brief time in Queens College, he studied Music Composition and Orchestration with the renowned Scottish composer, Thea Musgrave.Byron's debut album, "Castle of Dreams," was released in 2000 and was engineered by Dave Fisher, who worked on various commercial release including Lou Reed's "Ecstasy" CD. His 2006 album, Dreamwalk, features the work of guest violinist Lorenza Ponce, who has played with Sheryl Crow and Bon Jovi. The album took four years to complete; it was produced and arranged by Taylor, who performed all the singing and the bulk of the instruments. Upon the release of "Dreamwalk," he was chosen to be one of the elite performers in the Songwriters Hall of Fame showcase for unsigned artists and received coverage from Billboard magazine.In 2010, he also appeared as a featured artist and was interviewed on Dublin public radio.A few years later, Byron decided to release "The Raven Trail," which is based on a novella he wrote about a fictional Black character raised by Native Americans. Another recent CD, "Tales from Worldhaven," is loosely based on a fictional Steampunk realm full of original characters from Byron's first novel.  The near future for this praised-in-the-press and critically lauded artist includes a bevy of shows at a variety of venues. 

Songwriters Hall of Fame for Unsigned Talent

 Hello! I've included my youtube link for the 2001 performance I did for the Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase for Unsigned Artists when SHOF sponsored the shows here in New York before the move to Los Angeles. The original song featured here is "With All of My Heart." Please just copy and paste the link below: